Smoke Smart Watch
Smoke Smart Watch
Smoke Smart Watch
Smoke Smart Watch
Smoke Smart Watch
Smoke Smart Watch
Smoke Smart Watch
Smoke Smart Watch
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  • Smoke Smart Watch
  • Smoke Smart Watch
  • Smoke Smart Watch
  • Smoke Smart Watch
  • Smoke Smart Watch
  • Smoke Smart Watch
  • Smoke Smart Watch

João Miranda is being claimed as one of the most incredible emerging creators in magic and the Smart Smoke Watch proves that.

The smart smoke watch is the most innovative, sexiest and reliable method for producing beautiful clouds of smoke from the magician bare hands, sleeveless.

No more wires, cables, cloth requirements or big battery packs.

Finally the magician can produce the smoke in one self-contained wristwatch, making the effect much stronger and clean.

This version is half the thickness of the original version, and with a much more modern look, besides the smoke production being improved regarding the smoke thickness.

Keep in Mind:

  • Only takes 1 second to refill
  • The magician can program the smoke delay from 1 second to 30 seconds
  • The watch vibrates right before the smoke comes out
  • Perfect for close-up and stage
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Charger connects by USB

(Each watch is made in Portugal and is a 100% original creation of João Miranda)



No. The reason is simple: a remote is totally useless in this product in particular. We prefer much more a self contained unit. And the switch is activated by pushing the wrist lightly against the body, so your hands don´t go outside the spectators view to press any remote button.
No, due to the electronics that are inside. However if your spectator notices the time is not correct while you perform magic, you should consider another job :)
Absolutely. We engineered all the electronics into an innocent prop that everyone uses (a watch). No one suspects that the watch is gimmicked, allowing the magician to roll his sleeves totally, giving the performer total freedom, creating a very magical moment.
SMOKE SMART WATCH produces a small noise, impossible to hear while performing in a normal condition setting, being perfect for close-up.
The watchband has a very well disguised switch. The magician only needs to press it to activate the smoke. Also the magician can define how many seconds of delay he wants before the smoke starts to being produced. Once the smoke starts, the watch vibrates, indicating to the magician that the smoke is coming out. This is a huge plus regarding this product.
Yes, it uses a battery that is secretly hidden inside the watch casing. A full battery is enough for approximately 25 smoke productions. It also comes with a USB charger, and each battery takes only 60 minutes to charge.
No. You just need to apply two drops of the special liquid included directly into the lynx watch. This process takes no more than 3 seconds. Just two drops of liquid are enough for approximately 10 smoke productions.

buy accessories for Smoke Smart Watch

Extra battery for Smoke Watch

Extra battery for Smoke Watch OK

19,00 USD

Special Liquid for Smoke Device

Special Liquid for Smoke Device OK

15,00 USD

Smoke tube for Smoke Watch

Smoke tube for Smoke Watch OK

50,00 USD