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Welcome to Ticket, another amazing creation of João Miranda and Julio Montoro.

This is a super visual effect that happens in a blink, and looks like real magic!

In this effect a card in chosen and lost in the deck.

The magician then claims that he correctly predicted the chosen card, and that he kept the prediction inside his phone case.

The magician removes the phone from the case, and.... nothing to be seen.. there is only a bill, some papers and a ticket.

SUDDENLY the ticket visibly morphs into the chosen card!

The audience will go crazy when they see this transformation, that really looks like a TV special effect!

Keep in mind:

- The transformation is in FULL CONTROL of the magician
- Reset takes only 3 seconds
- The effect it ́s super easy to perform
- The super well made gimmick does all the work for the magician - The trick is ALWAYS ready to go inside your phonecase.

NOTE: The gimmick fits most phonecases. The case must have a free space of 5.11 inches x 2.36 inches (13 cm x 6 cm). 

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