João Miranda is a worldwide known magician, teacher, lecturer and creator of original magic. His clients include world famous magicians like David Copperfield, Luis de Matos, Mat Franco, Derren Brown, Dan White, Hans Klok, Lu Chen, and many others.

His creations are currently sold to more than 80 countries worldwide and are featured in the New York stores Tannens and Fantasma Magic.

Currently João has a team of 7 people working in a full time basis, from enginners to designers, who make original and top quality magic that help to the success of thousands of magicians.


João is invited to lecture at Penguin Magic, in Ohio, and at the blackpool magic convention, which is the worlds largest and most respected magic event.


João and his team create secret projects for David Copperfield. Also João produces the trick Mental Pen and Astonishing bottle, both of which have settled records in sales to more than 80 countries worldwide. João also lectured for thefamous Murphys Magic in Sacramento, being the first portuguese to do so.


João Miranda previous company Lynx Magic changes its brand name to João Miranda Magic, which later created the smart smoke watch, a accessory for magicians that currently is a staple in magicians repertoire.


The famous Lynx Blackboard is created, considered the most advanced technological piece of apparatus ever invented for the modern magician. The illusion has been performed by famous magicians and featured on TV shows like Ellen Degeneres, America got Talent and Jimmy Fallon.


This year João performs custom magic for companies like Lufthansa, HP, FNAC, Nestle, Seat and Pepsi.


After the success of João first book he is invited to write his second book, this time focused only on card magic. Again, the sales were extremelly successful with the laymen audience.


The book “Magic School” from Porto Editora is launched nationwide being a huge hit with thousands of books sold. The book was for several months the #1 most sold magic book.


The Oporto Magic School is founded, teaching the craft to over 1000 magic enthusiasts based in Portugal. (At the present day João no longer belongs to the school due to his busy schedule, being the school handled by other professional magicians who continued the legacy).


João together with Artur Santos, produced a street magic TV show called Porto Mágico. The show aired in Portugal television in a total of 13 episodes.


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