I have an idea for a magic trick and I would like João to produce it. Is that possible?

João has his own developing team which is constantly working in brand new ideas on a daily basis. However if you have a good idea and would like to sell it worldwide to magicians, please e-mail us with a video and detailed description of your idea. We promise your e-mail will be answered as soon as possible.

Does João still perform?

Yes and No. Since João has a full time job with a team of 7 people in which the mission is to create new magic worldwide, usually he prefers not to perform and spending time with his family and friends. However if he has some free time he might perform. The best option is to send an e-mail to check availability.

I am going to Porto, João hometown. Is it possible to meet with him?

João has a very busy and tight schedule, and is constantly travelling due to his profession. However he likes to meet with new magicians and share new ideas. We suggest you to e-mail us in advance to check availability.

I am organizing a magic convention and I would like to invite João to lecture. Is it possible?

Absolutely! João biggest passion is to share his love for magic with his peers. Just drop us a email with the dates of the event and with information about the convention. Due to João's busy schedule we suggest you to e-mail us in advance, at least one year before the event.

I have very good ideas for magic. Is it possible to work on a full time basis with João and his team?

Unfortunetly at the moment we are not accepting new team members.

I have a youtube channel. Is it possible to get one product for free and review it?

Due to the high number of requests we cannot attend everyone. Thank you for your understanding.

I bought several tricks from João online store and I would like them to be signed. Is that possible?

If João is in town at the moment of your order he will be delighted to sign them before shipping.


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