Haunted Box - DELUXE
Haunted Box - DELUXE
Haunted Box - DELUXE
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  • Haunted Box - DELUXE
  • Haunted Box - DELUXE

"The biggest secret of this box is that it will offer you infinite hours of amazement." 

- Dani DaOrtiz 

"For me, João is a Genius. The ghost that hides inside into this box is a part of his brain... so brilliant!" 

- Mickael Chatelain 

"This is amazing! Finally, a Haunted-themed prop that actually does its job right. Everyone jumps!!!" 

- Bobby Motta 

"A fantastic, easy-to-do piece of magic, limited only by your imagination." 

- Russ Stevens 

"Once again, João demonstrates innovative thinking, taking an old premise and giving it a totally new coat of paint!" 

- Eric Samuels 

From the creative mind of João Miranda comes the Haunted Box, a very clever illusion with a storyline that is guaranteed to amaze your audience. 

Do you believe in ghosts? You will after witnessing this... 

The magician displays a simple wooden box, purchased several years ago from an antique shop. The magician explains that when he arrived home and opened the box, he noticed a faded picture of Harry Houdini, "The King of Cards." This picture wasn't in the box when he first purchased it. From time to time, the magician noticed the box would produce strange noises at night, a "slamming" sound, as if the spirit of Harry Houdini haunted it. 

The magician demonstrates these strange occurrences under the most stringent of test conditions: 

He opens the lid and removes a deck of cards and a standard Sharpie Pen (or pen of your choice).

A spectator is invited to select ANY card from the deck and sign its face. The card is then placed ANYWHERE in the deck by the spectator. This is a 100% FREE choice. 

The spectator then mixes the cards and is asked to deal them, one by one, into the box. SUDDENLY the lid of the box SLAMS SHUT, as if telling the spectator to stop dealing. The magician asks the spectator to turn over the card they are holding in their hand... it is the signed card! 

Haunted Box comes complete with everything necessary to get started performing this miracle right out of the box. This very special box allows you to concentrate on your presentation as it is 100% self-working. The Haunted Box is perfect for close-up, yet plays big enough for any stage! The Haunted Box is the PERFECT closer to your show. 

Keep in mind: 

The deck can be shuffled by the spectator himself

There are 100% NO forces of any kind! 

There are no remote controls 

The magician can be outside the room while the cards are dealt into the box! 

The box can be used to store any deck of playing cards and a marker 

The trick is 100% self-contained and works AUTOMATICALLY 

No stooges 

No threads, wires, etc. 

Nothing for the performer (or anyone else) to trigger 

A total of FIVE AMAZING and original routines are explained 

Add Haunted Box to your repertoire and be ready to amaze your audiences with this spooky and powerful magic effect. 

Comes with a red and blue Bicycle gimmick. 

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Haunted Box - STANDARD

Haunted Box - STANDARD

250,00 USD

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